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Printmaker Rick Allen’s newest Trapper’s Daughter and her crew catch their breath.

Printmaker Rick Allen’s newest Trapper’s Daughter and her crew catch their breath.

With ink residue still apparent on his freshly washed hands after a day of printing, artist Rick Allen presents the newest print in his beloved series!

The Trapper’s Daughter & The Breath Of Wind

For 20 years, artist Rick Allen has followed the trail of the Trapper’s Daughter as she emerged in over 20 magnificent prints. What’s her story? How does she gather her growing cast of friends and familiars? What, if anything, does she trap (snowflakes…dreams)? And just where is she going?

On this June 2022 Summer Solstice, we introduce you to The Trapper’s Daughter & The Breath Of Wind.

Rick Allen’s The Trapper’s Daughter & The Breath Of Wind is now available for purchase.

This year’s Trapper’s Daughter is all about respair—the return of hope after a period of despair.

On a stifling, oven-hot, airless morning, the Trapper’s Daughter and her fur-coated friends seek relief in cool water. When the slightest shift of wind begins, the fever of the day breaks and hope is renewed.

Rick began the drawings for Breath of Wind in February, 2022, and started transferring them to the blocks in March. Cutting of the eleven 9 W x 12 H inches lino-blocks continued through most of April and May, and the print was finished in June.

Rick’s work table at the start of block cutting. Eleven blocks were cut for this new Trapper’s Daughter print.

This Trapper’s Daughter is printed sequentially, “wet on wet,” without letting the ink dry between blocks. Some of the blocks are split fountains, in which a gradient or blend of color is rolled onto the block with the same roller.

Printing is underway! The ink table with some of the colors rolled out and blocks waiting in the background.

On other blocks, colors may be added by Rick’s fingers or palm before printing, or extra ink may be wiped off to achieve a certain effect.

There are nearly 20 of Rick’s popular Trapper’s Daughter prints available. What will she discover next?

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