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Jeff Boutin’s wonderful world of color, inspired by nature

Jeff Boutin’s wonderful world of color, inspired by nature

“I love nature’s chaos. It allows me to push the boundaries of abstraction.”

Artist Jeff Boutin (Three Little Bears, giclee print, above)

Jeff Boutin uses a bold array of color and texture in his paintings, which frequently adorn the walls of Sivertson Gallery…but not for long. Customers often buy them before the paint is dry.

From hobby farm, to custom car designs, to a carpet mill…

Jeff grew up on a small hobby farm north of Minneapolis in Milaca, Minnesota. He struggled with epilepsy his entire childhood, and art became his diversion. Along with three other classmates, they wrote and designed their own comic book in 7th and 8th grade. In 9th grade, his art teacher recommended Jeff to a company looking for drawings and paintings of fish and wildlife. At the age of 17, he was hired by a Minneapolis company that custom painted designs on cars.

Jeff eventually found himself in the carpet business. Within a short period of time he had purchased tufting machines from Georgia, and launched Minnesota’s first carpet mill. Jeff ’s beautifully colored, hand-tufted rugs and carpets can be found in homes and businesses throughout the United States.

…and now to full-time artist

In 2003, Jeff sold his business and started painting full time. He’s come full circle—and finally found satisfaction in what he’s able to create. Although Jeff attempted art school, it wasn’t what he needed for his personal path. He loves the discovery of art; school seemed to make his art predictable and similar to everyone else’s, so Jeff forged his own way. “I want my paintings to reflect power and emotional intensity, yet convey a simple happiness,” he observes.

Jeff lives and paints in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and has a simple wish: that viewers of his art enjoy his work as much as he enjoyed creating it.

Our customers can’t get enough of Boutin bears — the bears with personality

Jeff’s bears are the bomb! Many hit you in the heart with their bold colors and cuddly faces. Others stare into your soul with their puppy-dog eyes. And some, with their anthropomorphism, suggest mama bear, papa bear, and baby bear.

Ashley Sivertson, gallery manager, shares a fun story about the bears: “We had a customer ask if Jeff ever painted four bears because she has four children, and sure enough, Jeff then painted ‘Four Troublemakers.’ She was over the moon when she brought the painting home.”

We all need fun and joy in our lives—bring in the Boutin bears!

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