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“Wakeful Dreams” at Siiviis

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August Flower Stamp

Spring is near, it may not look, feel or smell it…. but we must have faith in its arrival! Something that has worked for me these past couple of weeks is to wear bright colors everyday and avert my eyes from the fresh snow falling in the Northland. But how else can we strengthen that “spring feeling” in our step? And as quickly as possible!! Well, I have an idea for this weekend. This Saturday, April 20th is the much anticipated “Wakeful Dreams” show at Siiviis in Duluth.  Our event coordinates with Duluth’s Earth Day Gallery Hop, and features the fantastic  Rick Allen and Marian Lansky of the Kenspeckle Letter Press in Canal Park.  Marian and Rick are some of our absolute favorite artists here at the gallery, and their spring event is not to be missed!

Dance with some enjoyment!


The event will be full of new releases. Marian will be presenting her beautiful new flower stamp series, as well as “Asian inspired, imaginary product packages” complete with birds and elephants. Rick has also been hard at work, with so many new pieces that we can’t even fit them all in this blog post. Some highlights include three vocabulary broadsheets, a colorful summer print with a play on Northern Lights and even a new print in the Trapper’s Daughter series!


The Siiviis Crew welcomes you to their artist’s reception on Saturday, which will be held from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM in Duluth. There will be treats, laughter, witty banter and of course many new pieces from regional artisans for you to fall in love with. It is “Spring Fling” season, is it not? See you there.

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