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The Trapper’s Daughter & the Second Day!

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“The Trapper’s Daughter & the Second Day”

We kick off day two of our Trapper’s Daughter countdown with Rick Allen’s 4th image
in this enchanted series. Released in 2006, this beauty is a gallery staff favorite:

Our first glimpse of the Trapper’s Daughter out of the winter, we see her strong,
axe wielding arms and bare feet. A vision of strength and courage, she crosses
the lake
atop two loons. When looking at the clouds, I can’t help but imagine her
destination is the beautiful cabin in Rick’s “Summer Homecoming” print.
What do you think?

With this next print from 2007, our girl begins to develop a strong following….

What is a black bear to do in the dead of winter when he cannot sleep? Go for a sunset ski with our Trapper’s Daughter of course! Rick brings our Woodswoman back to the snow with this epic fairy-tale print.

Actually, in 2007, the Trapper’s Daughter shows up in TWO prints. What a great year!!

This cameo appearance is possibly my favorite print in the gallery. Following a deep, dark Minnesota winter, our Trapper’s Daughter wears a flowy dress with a thick winter scarf, fresh flowers in her hair and earmuffs. This image pulls the heart strings of many. The feeling of an ever-hopeful spring, us northern women, we just GET it.

In 2008, we follow the Trapper’s Daughter into the lodge of the Emperor Beaver for the “telling of the winter count.” Check out the amazing detail in this print, from the snowshoes laid against the snow covered lodge, the little laughing beaver at the base, to the design on her coat sleeves. And then, of course, there are those googley, googley eyes…..
Well folks, here ends out second day of our online Trapper’s Daughter celebration! Join us tomorrow for images 8 – 11. Any guesses for what comes next?? Hint: it involves some furry, playful friends….
Enjoy the day!
The Siiviis Crew

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