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  1. Eastern Meets Nordic: Autumn 2014 Trollbeads

    Eastern Meets Nordic: Autumn 2014 Trollbeads


    When I was first introduced to Trollbeads, it was the Scandinavian connection that first
    peaked my interest. The delicate, silver Dala Horse bead, Thor’s Hammer and the adorable
    photos of the Danish Family members who ran the company, I felt right at home. Trollbeads,
    even the name evokes images of mossy rocks, streams and the smell of the deep forest.
    I was hooked.

    As the time has passed, and my love for Trollbeads becomes an addiction, my bracelet has
    transformed from Scandinavian … read more

  2. On The 12th Day Of Christmas….

    On The 12th Day Of Christmas….

    On The Twelfth Day Of  Christmas, My Gallery Gnome Gave To Me,

    Twelve Dancing Bears, Eleven Sami Bracelets, Ten Feet-Of-Lightin’, Nine Trapper’s Daughters, Eight Books-a-Bowen, Seven Boats-a-Sailin’, Six Graphite Objects, FIIIIIIVEEEE Monica RIIIIININNGGSSS, Four Colorful Eggs, Three Howlin’ Wolves, Two Cardinals and a Black Bear In a Christmas Tree!!!!!

    Dancing Bear

    There is something so exciting and wonderful about the dancing bear carvings here at the gallery.  I can’t seem to wipe the smile … read more

  3. Children’s Books Are Always In Season!

    Children’s Books Are Always In Season!

    Enjoying the fire, books and grrrrreat bear company!

    Greetings from a place that no longer feels like Springtime!!! If our last post was feelin’ like Springtime, this post is feelin’ like the Frozen TUNDRA! Well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure is cold out there. Luckily we have this beautiful fireplace to keep us warm in the gallery. Today, Miriama and I had the pleasure of receiving a large inventory shipment of books. The Fireplace. … read more

  4. Holiday Jewelry Shopping Ideas Under $100

    Holiday Jewelry Shopping Ideas Under $100

    Christmas Shopping

    With the winter holiday season fast approaching we at the gallery have been receiving numerous phone calls from folks placing orders for beautiful pieces of jewelry to be given as gifts to their loved ones.

    What an easy process it all is, just take a look through the website in the comfort of your home (or your office, we won’t tell on you!), view all of our fantastic jewelry options and make your choice. You can then place an … read more