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On the 8th Day of Christmas….

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On The Eighth Day of Christmas, My Gallery Gnome Gave To Me, 

Eight Books-a-Bowen, Seven Ships-a-Sailin’, Six Graphite Objects,
Four Colorful Eggs, Three Howlin’ Wolves, Two Cardinals and a Black Bear In a Christmas Tree!!!!! 

Betsy Bowen, the Goddess of Children’s Books! We could not have done the 12 days of Christmas without a nod to Ms. Bowen! Although I love all of Betsy’s books, I’d like to highlight the ‘Great Wolf and the Good Woodsman‘ which is quite possibly one of my favorite Christmas Books of all time. Living up in the North Woods, I often wonder if my pup Olive could communicate with a Wolf if given the chance…. I’d also like to add that I am very happy this chance has never come to fruition! In this wonderful book, the Great Wolf does indeed send along an important message to a family dog and with his help saves the Good Woodsman on Christmas. Now that’s what I call teamwork! 

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