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On the 5th Day of Christmas…

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On The Fifth Day of Christmas, My Gallery Gnome Gave To ME

FIIIIIVVVVEEEEE Monica RIIIINNNNGGGSSS, Four Colorful Eggs, Three Howlin’ Wolves, Two Cardinals, And a Black Bear In a Christmas Tree!!!!!

Oh Monica Hansmeyer… what a unique artist. At our Christmas party last week, we  ended up talking about Monica’s rings (you can take the worker out of the gallery, but you can’t take the gallery out of the worker!). As I looked around, nearly everyone was wearing one, and all of very different styles. My co-worker Amy had wanted a ‘Monica’ ring for many years, and one day when she was down in Duluth at Siiviis, she saw it! She knew it was the one, but still wasn’t sure if she should buy it then, or wait a while (oh, how I envy her self control…). But then, her super delightful, anti-materialistic, middle school aged daughter turned to her and said ‘Mom, you have to get this ring!’ Amy took the unexpected encouragement as a sign and snatched the ring before any one else had a chance! It seems that everyone’s ‘Monica’ ring (and necklace, and earring for that matter) has a story attached to it. Which makes sense, given that her own company’s name has a fun story. She calls her jewelry “Seven Sister Design” because she is the youngest daughter of seven!  Her jewelry is very personal, unique and full of love. 

Be sure to check out Monica Hansmeyer in person, at her trunk show at Siiviis in Duluth THIS Saturday, December 22nd! She will be showcasing some of her finest jewelry right before the holidays, just for YOU, from 10 am to 4 pm. Heck, why not make it a ‘Ring’ themed Saturday… start off at the trunk show at Siiviis and head to Duluth 10 for a showing of The Hobbit! One ring, to rule them all…. sounds like a Monica ring to me 😉

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