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On the 11th Day of Christmas…

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On The Eleventh Day Of  Christmas, My Gallery Gnome Gave To Me,

Eleven Sami Bracelets, Ten Feet-Of-Lightin’, Nine Trapper’s Daughters, Eight Books-a-Bowen, Seven Boats-a-Sailin’, Six Graphite Objects, FIIIIIIVEEEE Monica RIIIIININNGGSSS, Four Colorful Eggs, Three Howlin’ Wolves, Two Cardinals and a Black Bear In a Christmas Tree!!!!!


Trådsaga, means “thread story.”  Each piece of pewter thread jewelry tells a story about the Sami people and their handicraft, tentrådsbroderier. An elagant friendship bracelet for your nearest and dearest 🙂 Personally, I’ll be gifting these bracelets to my bridesmaids this summer!

The jewelry is made from bark tanned reindeer skin purchased from northern Sweden and Finland.  The tenntråd is braided and hand sewn onto the reindeer skin.  The buttons are made from naturally shed reindeer antlers.  Although inspired by the old tradition of pewter thread embroidery, these unique bracelets are contemporary examples of the ancient Sami handicraft. Wow, these bracelets are beautiful, historic, personal and unique in everyway. Who wouldn’t want one?




1 Comment

  1. Jordy

    Liz, I love your work, I had no idea what it was you did, I have heard you mention you make some stuff but I am amzead at the end product. I’ve always wanted to try welding, so keep up the good work, when I come to Hay, I would love to buy a piece.Love Bev

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