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Aaron Kloss Fireside Chat!

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Aaron Kloss is our featured artist for this Saturday’s (February 23rd) Fireside Chat at 6 pm.  His chat is titled “Through the Birches” and is sure to be a highlight of our series. Aaron is going to be giving a painting demonstration, showcasing many new paintings, answering your questions and even releasing a NEW BIRD in his 2013 collection!

By the Bright Moonlight

A favorite artist here at Sivertson Gallery, Aaron Kloss is one of our best sellers and recently added his art to the walls of Siiviis in Duluth. It is generally best that myself and fellow gallery employees do not  get very attached to any of his paintings, as they tend to zoom off the wall within a few days of arriving!  And for good reason, these original acrylics are amazing and affordable. It makes me very happy to know that customers of all budgets can acquire a painting by Aaron and enjoy all of the positive energy that it exudes.

Whenever I look at one of Aaron’s paintings with cardinals on it, I can’t help but hum “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley. Is it just me or does his art put you in a great mood as well? Maybe it’s the positive energy or his painting style but whenever I catch sight of his new arrivals, I instantly recognize it is Aaron’s work. This is by no accident according to Kloss, “I painted on black canvas in college and loved how it changed the way color is viewed as opposed to white canvas. My goal in being a painter is to communicate my artwork to the viewer through an established vocabulary. Just like you recognize the voice of a friend, I want my work to be instantly recognizable to people, so that they don’t need to search for a signature to know it was created by me. The black canvas is part of several things that make up that vocabulary.”

Three in a Row

Aaron Kloss is probably best known for his delightful little cardinal paintings. When asked “Why Cardinals?” his reply was simply, “Bird is the word.” He also hinted that the cardinals may be flying away soon…. “The cardinal series, like other landscapes I’ve done, will probably come to an end someday, but the feedback I’ve received from collectors tells me that the cardinal is an important aspect of my subject matter and I better keep painting them … or else!!”! A trip up the North Shore this weekend for his fireside chat would be a GREAT way to ensure that you catch a cardinal before it’s too late!

Aurora Rising

Aaron credits his children and their love of creating, with keeping his art fresh, “artists often agonize over every brushstroke, while children express themselves freely in any medium and any surface… I hope I never lost that childlike passionate joy of creating.” Neither do we, Aaron! Neither do we!!!

Make sure you join us this Sautrday, February 23rd at 6pm for what is sure to be one of our most entertaining, informative and joyful Fireside Chat of the season!

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