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Holiday Jewelry Shopping Ideas Under $100

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Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

With the winter holiday season fast approaching we at the gallery have been receiving numerous phone calls from folks placing orders for beautiful pieces of jewelry to be given as gifts to their loved ones.

What an easy process it all is, just take a look through the website in the comfort of your home (or your office, we won’t tell on you!), view all of our fantastic jewelry options and make your choice. You can then place an order online, or you could give us a call at 218-387-2491 and we can personally take your order. We’ll even gift wrap if you prefer! With our new blog, we are making your jewelry shopping even more personal by guiding you through a number of our different options that may or may not be available on our website. We have even organized the jewelry on this blog post to make sure we highlight different price points. If you see something you like and have additional questions, please feel free to give us a call!

To start things off, here are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry in the whole gallery, Roll-On Bracelet from Aid Through Trade:

Roll-On Bracelet from Aid Through Trade

Roll-On Bracelet from Aid Through Trade

These beautiful and vibrant bracelets are handmade in Nepal by women who are ensured fair pay and good working conditions. They “give” as they roll over your hand, ensuring a one size fits ALL! Not only does your gift provide these Nepali women much needed income, but the bracelets are absolutely fabulous and look great on anyone. Have a specific color in mind? Give us a call and we’ll search together. At $19.95 they would be a great gift to a friend and a wonderful stocking stuffer for the teens.

What could be better than a Christmas gift from the north shore? No, LITERALLY, basalt rocks and sea glass picked off the north shore of beautiful Lake Superior by local artist Cameron Norman and then made into beautiful jewelry, that’s Butter Moon Arts! These necklaces and earrings are made from basalt stones that are over a billion years old!

Butter Moon Arts

Butter Moon Arts

Thousands of years in Lake Superior have smoothed them, and their patina will become richer the more you wear them. As for the sea glass, they are “rare as hen’s teeth!” according to the artist. At $29.95 each, it would be foolish not to purchase both the earrings and the necklace as a set 😉

Beautiful.Simple.Classic.Modern.Bold.Personal. Penny Larsen Charms are all of the above! Inspired by nature and geography, we are happy to provide many ‘North Woods’ charms for your loved ones. There is no more fabulous way to promote Minnesota Pride than by wearing one of these elegantly simple Sterling Silver necklaces. In addition to the Minnesota charms pictured below, we also carry eagles, caribou antlers, fish charms and more. Prices range from $48-$70.


Plain MN Charm $48, MN with Moose $64, MN with heart $58

JL Walsh rings on sale? Pinch me, I must be dreaming. This is truly a once in a blue moon event! JL Walsh is a favorite artist of many Sivertson Gallery customers and employees. Strivint to use materials that a woman from prehistory might have been attracted to, the artists apply a variety of surface treatments and patinas that mimic decay, while elevating these “low” materials by construction them with precious metals and stones. Placed in a ring box, you may just have stumbled upon the perfect Christmas gift 🙂

JL Walsh rings

Top Row: 14K Gold, Pearl and SS SALE $89.25(sz8, 9), 22k Gold and Iron SALE $66.75,sz7), 22k Gold and Iron SALE $66.75(sz9), 14k Gold, Pearl and SS SALE $89.25 (sz9) Bottom Row: 22k Gold and SS SALE $74.24, (sz7, 8, 9)

Since we are on the theme of rings, why not highlight another excellent offer currently available at the gallery? All of our VETO rings are 50% off. These Swiss made stainless Steel and 14K rings are truly gorgeous. Perfect for men and women, this gift is sure to please anyone and everyone on your holiday shopping list.

6mm Steel Ring SALE PRICE $64.50, originally $129 (sz7, 9, 12), 7mm 43 Cubic Zirconia SALE PRICE $94.50, originally $189 (sz 6.75), Enameled Ring SALE PRICE $49.50, originally $99.00 (sz12, 12.25)

Mens Rings

6mm Steel Ring SALE PRICE $64.50, originally $129 (sz7, 9, 12), 7mm 43 Cubic Zirconia SALE PRICE $94.50, originally $189 (sz 6.75), Enameled Ring SALE PRICE $49.50, originally $99.00 (sz12, 12.25)

Who doesn’t love Trollbeads? The only people I can think of are those who don’t KNOW about Trollbeads! Have you been waiting to introduce a friend, daughter, mother, brother to the wonderful world of Trollbeads? If so, we have the perfect opportunity. The Trollbeads Luck & Joy Bracelet set!



The Luck & Joy Bracelet set includes the chain, clasp, and 2 very beautiful beads. The first bead is a glass Joy bead. This bead comes in 6 different colors. Pictured above is the red “Passion” bead, we also have Pink “Hope”, Midnight (Black) “Mystery”, Teal “Imagination”, Blue “Tranquility” and Citrine “Renewal.” The second bead is one of our best sellers at the gallery, the Lucky Knot bead. This knot symbolizes good luck and happiness. This package is being offered for $99, a $159 value. What a fantastic gift that you can continue to give, with added beads with special meanings to you and your loved ones.

We hope you found our shopping guide useful. It sure was fun to write! Please let us know if you’d like any other items to be highlighted this holiday season. Keep your eyes open for our newest blog entry next week.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Ublar and The Sivertson Gallery Elves

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