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  1. Eastern Meets Nordic: Autumn 2014 Trollbeads

    Eastern Meets Nordic: Autumn 2014 Trollbeads


    When I was first introduced to Trollbeads, it was the Scandinavian connection that first
    peaked my interest. The delicate, silver Dala Horse bead, Thor’s Hammer and the adorable
    photos of the Danish Family members who ran the company, I felt right at home. Trollbeads,
    even the name evokes images of mossy rocks, streams and the smell of the deep forest.
    I was hooked.

    As the time has passed, and my love for Trollbeads becomes an addiction, my bracelet has
    transformed from Scandinavian … read more

  2. The Girls Are Back In Town

    The Girls Are Back In Town

    Throat-Singers Lydia Etok and Nina Segalowitz

    What a beautiful day on the North Shore. The sun is shining and seagulls are squawking! It feels like the weather is taking a turn for the better and with our Inuit Premiere festival weekend so near everyone at the gallery is in a great mood. The Inuit Premiere weekend is one of our busiest of the year, and certainly a change of pace from the winter. There is excitement in the air, it is … read more

  3. “My Colorful Neighborhood” – Firesite Chat with Nancy Seaton

    “My Colorful Neighborhood” – Firesite Chat with Nancy Seaton

    Before we welcome Nancy Seaton as our guest speaker this Saturday for our Fireside Chat Series, I had the pleasure to visit with her at one of the Grand Marais Art Colony’s studios and take a peek at the colorful mess that surrounds her in action.

    Knowing Nancy as watercolor artist, many might be surprised that there is no water involved in her latest work. Still, there is an abundant array of color on Nancy’s pallet, or should I say, inside the drawers and boxes … read more

  4. Grand Marais Holiday Parade 2012

    Grand Marais Holiday Parade 2012

    Jan, CJ, Bear mascot, Miriama & Abby

    The Sivertson Gallery Gnomes, Elves and mascot spread Holiday cheer Friday evening.  The annual Grand Marais Holiday Parade went off at 5:00 pm giving them the opportunity to circle the downtown parade route twice! throwing candy and laughing until cheeks were sore.  It was chilly but the Gallery was warm – fireplace going, hot tea and Lola’s ginger cookies…perfect!