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Feelin’ Like Springtime

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Greetings from warm(ish) and pleasant Grand Marais! During my walk to work this morning, I experienced 40 degree weather and a light, surprisingly pleasant sprinkle of rain. Looking over at the silver lake, watching the birds fly high and feeling the warm, erhhh less than cold, breeze on my face I could not help but think “this feels more like mid-April than mid-November!”


Cameron getting ready for our “Springtime” gallery adventure! “Seeking the Summit” original oil painting by Dave Gilsvick

So please forgive me, as I’m rather confused this morning. My seasonal compass is all out of whack  I’m looking forward to pleasant hikes on the Superior Hiking Trail and blueberry picking up the Gunflint, rather than Turkey Day and holiday decorating! So with that in mind, Cameron and I have decided to create our own Spring Time adventure on the gallery blog today with Silver Seasons and brand new Aaron Kloss paintings!

Handful of Blueberries

Blueberries Galore at Tuscarora!

In my book, there is no better summer activity than to blueberry pick up the Gunflint. Nor is there a better feeling than to stumble upon a big, blue, plentiful blueberry patch! The feeling of plopping down with your bucket and realizing “I am going to sit in this spot for at least 15 minutes of uninterrupted blueberry picking.”

Silver Seasons Blueberry Necklace $219, Earrings $79, Pin $99, Clip-On Earrings $69

SCORE! Whenever I stop to look at Silver Seasons Jewelry, especially the blueberries, I get this same happy and peaceful feeling. It’s no surprise that the majority of phone sales I have completed this year are for Silver Season Jewelry. The gift of a “spring” or “summer’” memory is priceless.  Living in the north is FANTASTIC in the winter, but sometimes you just need a day to slip on a pair of blueberry earrings, a pea pod necklace and dream of the warmer months.

When new shipments of Aaron Kloss paintings arrive at the gallery, I can’t help but feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. The anticipation is KILLING me as I stare at the cardboard box.

Aaron Kloss paintings

New shipment of Aaron Kloss paintings means beautiful gallery walls!

It takes every bit of my self control not to rip open the box! I must remember there is fantastic, original fine art in there.  I can’t expect to keep my job if every time Aaron’s paintings arrive cardboard flies and people standing by, minding their own business , are getting paper cuts and whatnot…  But I can’t help it! His work is so exciting, so meaningful; it reminds me of hikes in seasons past, and those I hope to trek in the future.  In this last shipment we received a few northern lights inspired pieces, and many fantastic evening landscape creations.  Oh how I wish I could pack up a tent, lace up my mukluks and head on out with my pup, Olive in hopes of catching the Northern Lights over West Bearskin Lake this evening…  Aaron’s paintings continue to inspire me to get out into these beautiful woods that surround Grand Marais, and count my blessings that I am able to enjoy the wilderness along with these fantastic paintings, all year round at the gallery.

Descending Lights by Aaron Kloss (9X12)

Descending Lights by Aaron Kloss (9X12)

P.S. you can check out more of Aaron’s paintings available at the gallery here

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