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Eastern Meets Nordic: Autumn 2014 Trollbeads

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When I was first introduced to Trollbeads, it was the Scandinavian connection that first
peaked my interest. The delicate, silver Dala Horse bead, Thor’s Hammer and the adorable
photos of the Danish Family members who ran the company, I felt right at home. Trollbeads,
even the name evokes images of mossy rocks, streams and the smell of the deep forest.
I was hooked.

As the time has passed, and my love for Trollbeads becomes an addiction, my bracelet has
transformed from Scandinavian inspired, to gemstone haven, to….. all encompassing!

The Wonderful Trollbead Family of Artists

When I first caught a glimpse of the 2014 Autumn Release, “Eastern Meets Nordic: The Now Collection,” my heart skipped a beat. I instantly identified with this release. I felt the same strong connection that first drew me to Trollbeads. Was that a North Shore “Fawn,” as a silver bead? “The Fawn hides in the bushes. Today, small and a little scared, but tomorrow the queen of the forest.” The glass bead “Autumn Foliage” brings me right to the top of Oberg Mountain on a late September weekend, “The wind and the sun are playing in the trees. The leaves fall in splendor to the forest floor.”  The Nordic touch is true, rich and real. It is home.


Autumn Foliage

In my opinion, the best part of this release is Trollbeads have shown that although they seem like two different worlds, Nordic Forests and Eastern Harmony, they are at the core the same. The feeling of serenity while hiking the Superior Hiking Trail and swimming in the Temperance River bring me to the “Head of Buddha” bead description:“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind of the present moment.”  Wouldn’t you agree? Where do you find your inner peace? Your balance? I find mine in the Great North Woods, and the Autumn Collection, in a way, reminds me of that.

Moonbeam Facet

Spiritual Ornament

Luminous Delight Facet

Head of Buddha

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