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Day 3 – Ananda Khalsa

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 – Day 3 –

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry!!


Ananda Khalsa’s jewelry does not require many words…. just. LOOK. at. it. and try not to drool all over your keyboard. If you really want to WOW someone special this holiday season, you need to consider Khalsa’s jewelry. It’s true, many women tell us they feel strong and elegant while wearing her jewelry, myself included. When you find jewelry with this much character and energy, it’s important to take advantage of the situation.

Rose cut pink sapphire is set in 22k gold with two chocolate diamonds

Our First Summer with Ananda Khalsa Jewelry….
Jan Sivertson discovered Ananda Khalsa Jewelry this past spring at a show in Philadelphia. Instantly drawn to her beautiful hand-picked gems, and striking, yet simple design, she knew Ananda was the perfect choice for Sivertson Gallery. Boy was she right!! ! Truly, this has been the summer of Khalsa.  With quite a few summer brides choosing Ananda’s designs as their wedding rings and a few incredibly astute significant others buying gifts for their ladies, we have made a lot of happy customers! This past fall, a friend of the gallery who had just accomplished a major life milestone, was drawn to Ananda’s case. One ring in particular was the perfect symbol of her accomplishment and courage, and so she bought it. I have spoken to her since, and believe me, the ring still brings her much joy!

Pink Tourmaline, Tourmalated Quartz, and two Smokey Topaz rings available at Siiviis

A Little More About Ananda….

Grey moonstones are set in sterling silver with ruby clusters

So who the heck is this Ananda and where did she come from?? Well, Khalsa’s jewelry life began in 2002 when she took her first metalsmithing class in Denver, CO. She became “instantly obsessed with working in metal.” By 2004, she had moved back home to Massachusetts and began her life as a full-time jeweler. Her current studio is located in Northampton, MA and this is where she handcrafts each ring, earring, and necklace. Ananda draws inspiration from natural forms, and the vibrant luminosity of natural gemstones. She strives to capture the precious quality found in ancient jewelry, while creating pieces with a modern sensibility. All of the gems used are hand picked for their unique and exceptional characteristics. In her own words, “I hope to create elegant pieces that become personal treasures to their wearers.”

All I can say, Ananda is…. Mission Accomplished!!


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