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Day 1 – Howard Sivertson Giclees!!!

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Welcome to Day ONE of Sivertson Gallery’s 12 Days of Christmas!

We could not have kicked off this journey with anyone other than the one
who started it all, our painter in the bright red suspenders – Howard Sivertson!
Howard’s work has captivated the joy & beauty of the North Shore for many,
many years. Through watercolor, oil and his unparalleled storytelling, Howard
is able to transport you to a world long ago. Whether it be to the home of an
early pioneer o
n the North Shore, the canoe of a voyageur up the
Pigeon River, or a fishing skiff daring the waves of Lake Superior off of
Isle Royale, you’re in for a journey of a lifetime.

This past year, we have had the incredible fortune to catalog hundreds of Howard’s old paintings. Through high quality photo capture and transparencies, the Sivertson Gallery Print Shop is now equipped to produce high-quality giclee prints of Mr. Sivertson’s most beloved paintings. This is exciting both for the new Howard fans as well as those who have followed his work for most of their lives. For example, when I was a young child, my father would read my brother and I stories from“Once Upon and Isle” & “Tales of the Old North Shore.” We loved all the stories, but our favorite by far, was the “Snoose Moose.” Have you read this tale? The cow moose who followed the children wherever they went?? Can you imagine our joy when reality sunk in, and we realized this was a TRUE story!? Needless to say, when I first found out we would be printing “Snoose Moose” here at the gallery, I nearly screamed with joy.  I can’t wait to hear other folks’ connections with past Howard paintings, and to see the joy on their faces when they learn that we are now able to print their favorite images to take home!

Whether it’s a giclee paper print, a captivating book or a “ready to hang” canvas – We have all you Howard fans & North Shore history buffs covered. Check out all of our beautiful options here.

Until Tomorrow…. Enjoy the Snow!

The Sivertson Gallery & Siiviis Crew

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