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Children’s Books Are Always In Season!

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Enjoying the fire, books and grrrrreat bear company!

Greetings from a place that no longer feels like Springtime!!! If our last post was feelin’ like Springtime, this post is feelin’ like the Frozen TUNDRA! Well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it sure is cold out there. Luckily we have this beautiful fireplace to keep us warm in the gallery. Today, Miriama and I had the pleasure of receiving a large inventory shipment of books. The Fireplace. Delightful Books. Delicious Hot Tea…. It was all too much! We had to sit by the fire and read a little bit. Besides, we had to make sure the books were good enough to sell, testing the inventory. It’s for the good of the customers… We were only thinking of you folks, really!

Wonderful Afternoon to Read (Just don’t tell the boss!)

Sitting there all snug, pretending our tea was actually hot cocoa, it was hard not to think back to the joys of being a young tot and reading a delightful children’s book. Do you remember how the pictures would almost speak to you? When you could just lose yourself in the images and place your life right into them, if only for a few moments?

If you have considered giving a book to a loved one this holiday season, make sure you take a look at all the wonderful books we have to offer here at the gallery. It’s a double whammy, beautiful art AND a great book. You will surely be the talk of the gift exchange!

A is for Antler, Up Here in the Northwoods!


You can’t begin to talk about North Shore books without mentioning the QUEEN of Children’s Book Illustrations  the one, the only, Betsy Bowen! We have 8 books illustrated by Bowen, and all are on the top of my list! Two must haves books for any young child, are “Antler, Bear, Canoe: A Northwoods Alphabet Year” and “Gathering: A Northwoods Counting Book.” These two books are very near and dear to mine and my family’s hearts! At all of my aunts’ and cousins’ baby showers, the mama-to-be is sure to receive at least three! At $6.95 a pop, it’s no wonder why we sell out of these books a few times a year. Be sure to click on the links above to read more about these magical books.

Every family who knows and love the Northwoods, understands the importance (and fun!) of creating a love of the shore at a young age! If you can’t make it up here in the winter, why not bring this magical wonderland season to you, with one (or both!) of Bowen’s books.

From Betsy, we also have “Twelve Owls” and “ Hawk Ridge” both by Laura Erickson , “Big Belching Blog” by Phillis Root, “Shingebiss: An Ojibwe Legend” retold by Nancy Van Laan, “Great Wolf and the Good Woodsman” by Helen Hoover and “Tracks in the Wild” which is both Written  and Illustrated by Betsy herself.

Children’s Books Available at the Gallery

In addition to Bowen, we have two other amazing north shore artists who deserve a place in your family’s collection: “North Country Spring” by Reeve Lindbergh, Paintings by Liz Sivertson, and “Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night” by Joyce Sidman, Illustrated by Rick Allen.

More information can be found on all of our Children’s books on our website, here.

Otter Day by Liz Sivertson

Speaking of Liz Sivertson, I often find myself standing in front of one of her walls here at the gallery, completely in awe. As an adult, I long for any opportunity to let my imagination run free.  As I stand in front of Liz’s work, I can’t help but feel like I should take off my shoes and run through the woods in search of a great, colorful adventure that Liz has sparked in my mind. Do you get that feeling, too? I often think, what would I have thought looking at her work as a young child? If I had one or two of these prints on my wall growing up, what kind of adventures and fun could I have created in the cold winter months? The months where it was just too cold to go sledding and play outside… or so your mom said! If children’s books had such an effect on my life, could beautiful paintings such as these have done the same? Maybe more? These thoughts have inspired me to purchase “Spring Beauty Spring Beast,” “Boogie Bear,” and “Otter Day” on a few occasions for children of a good friends or family members. Maybe you have, or know of a young child with a wild imagination that would flourish with inspiration from a Liz painting. Or maybe YOU, yourself need a Liz painting, I know I sure do!

Well that’s all for today. I hope this post has inspired you to wrap up in a big wool blanket, sit back and enjoy a nice book this evening. Doesn’t that sound nice?

Warm Wishes from Bundled Up Bumpkins,

Abby and Miriama

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  1. Julie Fallgren

    A is for AWESOME ABBY! I loved this blog. You have a warm and personal writing style and I’m so proud to call you friend. Honestly, Art and books and adventure – what could be more wonderful! Big warm hug sent your way!

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