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On the 9th Day of Christmas…

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On The Ninth Day of Christmas, My Gallery Gnome To Me,

Nine Trapper’s Daughters, Eight Books-a-Bowen, Seven Boats-a-Sailin’, Six Graphite Objects,
Four Colorful Eggs, Three Howlin’ Wolves, Two Cardinals and a Black Bear In a Christmas Tree!!!!! 

Ahhh, the Trapper’s Daughter. Such a strong, powerful, beautiful girl in the woods. To me, she symbolizes the ideal northern attitude. She is active and strong in all of her images, and yet at the same time relaxed and comfortable. She makes friends and peace with all of the Northwood’s creatures and builds relationships with the land.  I aspire to be more like the Trapper’s Daughter.

Her prints always seems to grab at least one customer a day! Something about her series… My favorite experience with a TD fan was this past fall. A young woman from Canada was visiting our shop with her fiance. She looked like she could be from Grand Marais. She wore comfy jeans, a nice sweater and a puffy vest. Her blond hair was tucked in her ski cap. She was looking at Rick Allen’s prints for a while… a long while. I ended up walking over and asking if she needed any help. She had tears in her eyes as she told me that she was an actual a trapper’s daughter. Her father was a trapper in Canada and in her town everyone referred to her as “The Trapper’s Daughter.” She couldn’t believe how much of a connection she felt with the prints. Needless to say, those folks started out their journey across America with a vehicle full of Trapper’s Daughter Prints 🙂

Every one of Rick Allen’s prints leave fantastic imprints on us all, but it is the Trapper’s Daughter series that really rings home to me. So thanks, Rick.

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