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Archive: Dec 2014

  1. Day 3 – The Wonderful World of BIRCH!

    Birch MANIA!!!


    Day three of Sivertson Gallery’s 12 Days of Christmas is an ode to our favorite
    North Shore tree, the birch!

    Since we love birch SO MUCH here in the Northwoods, perhaps it is time to take
    a cue from our friends in Northern Europe. In this region of the world, as well
    as Russia & China, birch sap is sometimes used in the manufacture of wine and


    However, if you’re feeling less ambitious and would rather simply sip out … read more

  2. Day 2 – Lake Superior Sparkles

    There are few displays of color that affect me the same was as staring at the big open
    water of Superior early in the morning, but a beautiful gemstone that sparkles and
    shines is right up there! There is something absolutely memorizing about a rich piece
    of Opal. Similar to a cleansing dip in the big lake, the opal is said to bring its water
    energy to enhance self-esteem and sense of self-worth to the wearer. And don’t even
    get me started on Monica’s choice in Labradorite, with its purples, greys and … read more

  3. Day 1 – Howard Sivertson Giclees!!!

    Welcome to Day ONE of Sivertson Gallery’s 12 Days of Christmas!

    We could not have kicked off this journey with anyone other than the one
    who started it all, our painter in the bright red suspenders – Howard Sivertson!
    Howard’s work has captivated the joy & beauty of the North Shore for many,
    many years. Through watercolor, oil and his unparalleled storytelling, Howard
    is able to transport you to a world long ago. Whether it be to the home of an
    early pioneer on the North Shore, the canoe … read more