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  1. Day 12 – The Last Day of Gifting!

    Day 12 – The Last Day of Gifting….

    Today is the 12th Day of Gifting! Can you believe it?  Tomorrow is the last Elfin’ Saturday before Christmas! On this final day, we thought long and hard on who we would feature. He or She had to be a slam bang finish to a truly incredible list of artists. I think you will all agree, we could not have chosen a better artist for Day 12. With great pleasure, I introduce … read more

  2. Day 11 – Glass Totems & Raku

    Day 11 – Glass Totems & Raku

    On Day 11 of our 12 Days of Gifting, we bring you Nancy Seaton‘s Fused Glass Totems and Richard Gruchalla & Carrin Rosetti’s Raku fired pottery!

    Most notorious for her watercolors, Nancy Seaton expanded to beautiful fused glass totems in the early spring of 2013. When put near the window, these totems come to life. With the unique designs and gorgeous colors dancing in the light, her totems are a … read more

  3. Day 10 – Monica Hansmeyer

    Day 10– Monica Hansmeyer

    On Day 10 of the 12 Days of Gifting, we introduce the jeweler responsible for all of our jewelry dreams… Monica Hansmeyer of Seven Sister Design!

    Monica Hansmeyer is just plain… COOL! If you have had the pleasure to meet the woman behind Seven Sister Design, you know what I mean. With a friendly smile, farm girl charm and jewelry to die for, it’s easy to see why her jewelry has more devoted fans than we can … read more

  4. Day 9 – Wood!


    Day 9 – Wood ya Look at THAT?

    Day 9 is focused on wood, wood-like products, faux wood painting, birch ceramic mugs…. You get the idea! In this day of Wood, let me mention the three groups of artists to be highlighted; Larch Wood, Grant-Noren, and Lenore Lampi.

    Larch Wood, based in Nova Scotia, specializes in “end-grain” cutting boards that are praised as works of functional art. Their small, select group of crafts people work exclusively with the native Eastern Canadian … read more

  5. Day 8 – Kenspeckle Letterpress

    Did you really think we would do a “12 days of Gifting” without mentioning Rick Allen and Marian Lansky of Kenspeckle Letterpress??

    I didn’t think so….

    As you all know, Rick Allen is possibly Siiviis and Sivertson Gallery’s most popular artist. Without a doubt, he is certainly the most hilarious! His work brings happiness, love and laughter to all… Truly a wonderful gift to give this holiday season.

    Bear Ass Sauna

    Trapper’s Daughter and the Long View

    Grand … read more

  6. Day 7 – Hot Tea & Books

    Day 7 – Hot Tea and Books!

    Shiver me Elfin’ timbers…. It is close to -20 below in some parts of Cook County on this 7th Day of Gifting!! In this spirit we bring you “Hot Tea and Beautiful Book Day!”

    A favorite memory of many Sivertson shoppers is our year-round complementary hot tea. Right when you walk in the door, you can stop by our tea stand and choose from an assortment of delicious Harney and Sons blends. Over 30 years … read more

  7. Day 6 – Aaron Kloss and His Little Birds, Too!!

    -Day 6 –

    Aaron Kloss & His Little Birds, Too

    Day 6 – Kloss… and His Little Birds, Too!!

    When I think of Aaron Kloss, I can’t help but think about his bird paintings. Whether they be cardinals, bluejays, or the recent release of Chickadees… I just can’t get enough.

    Just a couple of weeks ago we received a shipment of fresh, original acrylics by the one and only Aaron Kloss. This is a great thing for all you Christmas shoppers out there because that means, not … read more

  8. Day 5 – Bozeman Babes!

    -Day 5 –

    Bozeman Babes!

    Our self proclaimed sister city of Bozeman, Montana is full of talented artists. Here at Sivertson Gallery, we host the work of two of the greatest ladies Bozeman has to offer! Jennifer (J.L. Walsh) the fabulous jeweler, and Sarah Angst the amazing printer.

    If there is any town that could even remotely compare to our beloved harbor town of Grand Marais, it would be Bozeman, MT. Whenever I travel out west to that gorgeous town with … read more

  9. Day 4 – Woodblock Prints!

    -Day 4 –

    Woodblock Prints!

    Wood block prints are in a class all of their own. There is something about the look, the feel, and the process of wood block prints, that is simply striking. At Sivertson Gallery, we have four woodblock artists represented: Nick Wroblewski, Betsy Bowen, Mike Anderson and Rick Allen (with Rick dabbling in both wood and lino block prints, in addition to wood engravings).

    All of our printmakers are fantastic, but it seems that Nick Wroblewski is … read more

  10. Day 3 – Ananda Khalsa


     – Day 3 –

    Ananda Khalsa Jewelry!!


    Ananda Khalsa’s jewelry does not require many words…. just. LOOK. at. it. and try not to drool all over your keyboard. If you really want to WOW someone special this holiday season, you need to consider Khalsa’s jewelry. It’s true, many women tell us they feel strong and elegant while wearing her jewelry, myself included. When you find jewelry with this much character and energy, it’s important … read more

  11. Day Two – Lake Superior!

    ~Day Two~
    Lake Superior… EVERYTHING!!!

    How can you give a gift of the North Shore, for the heart and soul, all year round?? Through ART of course! At Sivertson Gallery and Siiviis we have countless options to fill your Lake Superior fancy: photographs, prints, broadsheets, earrings, paintings, cards and more!

    A Sea! Don’t You Agree??

    One of our most popular gifts this holiday season is Rick Allen’s “Superior is a Sea” broadsheet. Released just before the Tall … read more

  12. Day One – MOOSE PRINTS!

    The Twelve Days of Sivertson Gift Giving!

    Tis the season to be artsy in your gift giving! Here at Sivertson Gallery and Siiviis we are counting down the 12 days until our “Last Elfin’ Saturday Before Christmas” party on December 21st.  Check your email, visit our facebook page and read our blog each day for our 12 days of Up North gift ideas from Sivertson Gallery!

    ~Day One~
    by Liz Sivertson


    read more

  13. Deer Abby

    Deer Abby

    Introducing the newest member of the Sivertson Gallery and Siiviis team… Deer Abby! Just in time for the holiday season, Deer Abby is here to help you with any shopping questions you may have during this Holiday Season. Spending most of her days grazing through the gallery, Deer Abby has a keen sense of what is popular in our stores, and can help connect the dots for that perfect holiday gift. Whether you have questions about … read more