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Archive: Mar 2013

  1. The Girls Are Back In Town

    Throat-Singers Lydia Etok and Nina Segalowitz

    What a beautiful day on the North Shore. The sun is shining and seagulls are squawking! It feels like the weather is taking a turn for the better and with our Inuit Premiere festival weekend so near everyone at the gallery is in a great mood. The Inuit Premiere weekend is one of our busiest of the year, and certainly a change of pace from the winter. There is excitement in the air, it is … read more

  2. “A Kenspeckle Marriage” Fireside Chat with Rick Allen and Marian Lanksy

    This Saturday, March 9th we welcome Marian Lansky and Rick Allen as our final artists to take part in Sivertson Gallery’s 2013 Fireside Chat Series. As we approach the gallery’s 10 year anniversary of providing customers with Kenspeckle Letterpress Prints, a blog post dedicated to the two of them feels right. Seldom is there an individual who walks by Rick and Marian’s art without publicly expressing some sort of emotion. I cannot count the number of times I have heard … read more